Basic Install16ft -19ft

Basic Install16ft -19ft

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By selecting this option you are telling us that your ceiling is within the range of 12ft-15ft from a clear flat landing ( you are able to stand center of your fixture with your arms out and not touch anything while making 1 rotation).

First Timer. No Problem please read below. Welcome Thanks for selecting Quatro Lighting for your service needs. Below is a brief overview of how this works.

R&R = You currently have a working "fixture" i.e. chandelier, ceiling fan, pendants, etc. we will be removing and installing your new fixture.

BOX? = Your fixture weight is under 35lbs if not you may need reinforcement. Unsure well rest assure you can choose to have this "T.B.D" to be determined onsite and will be charged day of install if applicable.

NEW = Well you are adding a NEW switch, box, and wire because one doesn't exist. One of our Quatro approved, Licensed & Insured Techs will be sent out to complete the new wire work add a switch, box, and install, your fixture. W-ATTIC = WITH CLEAR ATTIC ACESS, DIRECTLY ABOVE INSTALL NO-ATTIC = SIMPLE NO ACCESS TO ATTIC i.e. 1st floor of a 2 story house, flat roof, vaulted ceiling.

Lastly ASAP! = So your in a hurry? We gotcha covered!! Due to the popularity of our White Glove Service and over 15 years of in the business we are always booked out a minimum of 1-2 weeks, but if you need us we will be there for you...... with a small fee of course your not family, and if you are family sorry its not fair to the customer so don't even try!!
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