NEW DESIGNS Every design begins with a vision. Let us help take that vision and implement the right design to begin it's development. We have worked with some of the most seasoned and accomplished designers and architects worldwide in the industry to fabricate some of the most extraordinary custom light fixtures. Quatro Lighting can work with you on every phase of your custom project, from sketches and material selection to production and installation.

For an understanding of the range and quality of our work, we invite you to explore the pages of this website. We think you will find something for almost every application.We are here to help make recommendations as well as professional assessments of all designs to assure you that what you envision will accomplish what it was designed to do. Our gallery of custom light fixtures is full of reinvented modern style.

Our Quatro Lighting designers are number one in their field and are thrilled to offer customized products for each client. The modern light fixtures you see displayed here has been created by talented individuals. Our team of designers, engineers, fabricators and fine artists will unlock the most creative solutions for your projects. What we like to call "A New Art of Light".

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